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Energy, the environment and IBM Good for business. Good for the planet.wathch the. video(WMV,22.7MB) Download the transcript(268KB)
Watch the video (WMV, 22.7MB) Download the transcript (268KB)

Discover systems, software and services for a greener world

Issues and opportunities around energy, the environment, and sustainability impact every business, worldwide. In a world that is increasingly connected, IBM recognises that taking a 'smart systems' intelligent approach to offerings, processes, and infrastructures can be the key to solving energy issues.

As an IT professional, you play a pivotal role in developing your company's green strategy. Improving overall energy efficiency begins with your ability to diagnose and identify which areas need improvement - are you focused on your IT operations? Do you need to make your business processes more efficient? Can you help optimise the way people work?

Addressing such issues requires a business strategy that is enabled and executed through the application of technology. How can we help you make your company a greener business? Explore the resources on this page or contact an IBM representative to learn more.

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IBM Opens Its Greenest Data Center in North America

IBM Opens Its Greenest Data Centre in North America
Emphasises energy efficiency and sustainability.