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WebSphere - Application Integration Middleware

What We Do

The WebSphere Group primarily works on Architecture, Design, Development, Maintenance and Testing of IBM WebSphere software products, related to B2B, Content Management, Commerce, Telecom, RFID and S390/AS400 Host Access. IBM WebSphere provides businesses with an IT infrastructure that maximises both flexibility and responsiveness. By integrating people, processes, and information, WebSphere enables businesses to respond to changing business conditions with improved flexibility and speed. By optimising the application infrastructure, WebSphere creates a reliable, high-performance environment for deploying and running applications - environment that fosters operational excellence. And, by extending the reach of IT, WebSphere enables companies to maximise the use of their IT infrastructure to reach users in new ways and support new business models.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is WebSphere's long term strategy. Business flexibility requires flexible IT, and flexibility is enabled through WebSphere, the foundation for SOA. SOA provides an incremental path to Innovation, and the centerpiece of IBM's SOA Strategy is enabling innovation. Business centric entry points help companies pursue SOA the right way: by taking a project-based approach and demanding that each project deliver real business value on its own. A recent study of over 500 companies conducted by Mercer Management Consultants showed that companies are approaching SOA from business centric starting points of integrating people, process, and information or a combination of all three. IBM has also defined two IT focused entry points around Connectivity and Creating & Reusing Services. The exponential value of people, process, and information, all linked together through SOA, is the strategic focus of WebSphere

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If you like a high performance work culture, with immense focus on Innovation, then this is the right place to be. If you enjoy the challenge of solving critical customer situations and are passionate about being part of worldwide product development groups, then we have a job for you.

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Java, J2EE, SOA

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