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AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive)

What We Do

As part of the Global AIX Development Team, we drive IBM's World Wide UNIX server market share, by developing and leveraging core systems' skills with a focus on product quality and technology innovation. AIX India provides technical leadership in development, maintenance and testing of AIX Operating System (OS) and its associated utilities.

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Why would someone want to come and work in the area?

AIX OS development offers technical challenges and opportunities that only a select few can take on. Those who are fired up about innovation, core systems' development and building deep technical skills in OS will find this to be a fun place to work with plentiful opportunities to shape a long-term career.

Skills important to the area:

Aspirants will need to be experienced UNIX developers with in-depth knowledge in UNIX internals and OS concepts. Experience in UNIX kernel debugging will be an added advantage. Enthusiasm coupled with an unrelenting passion to learn and implement new ideas is essential.

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