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Embedded Systems and Solutions

What We Do

The System Solution Team at the Engineering & Technology Services (E&TS) at ISL handles the complete life cycle of Embedded Software - Design, Development & Maintenance. Major Activities include Hardware bringup, OS porting, BIOS/BSP Development, Board and System Level Design, Application development, IBM middleware integration and Post Silicon Validation tools development. This team collaborates with other IBM Product Groups & Research labs worldwide to provide System level Solutions to customers. The team works on multiple platforms and technology domains covering devices as small as hand-held / palm-tops to large mid-range servers.

The team also works on the Development, Testing and Support for the various Modules of the IBM Servers. Their domain expertise expands over IBM i series and p Series systems, System z and pBlades. The Hardware Management Console which is used to manage the IBM iSeries and pSeries, is also being developed and tested by them. The team also works on the design, testing and support of the Simulation models of Firmware and Input Output Subsystem (IO) chipsets offered by IBM. The System z Virtual machine Emulation is another area of their work.

Why would someone want to come and work in the area?

The Embedded Systems Team covers the breadth of Embedded technologies including Firmware, System programming, Library development and Application development. This offers engineers the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the complete system design. Also, since high performance/multi core processors based system is key in software development, being in this area provides ample opportunities to innovate and build a career in the high performance system software arena.

Since IBM Servers are built using new generation chipsets, the solutions for these servers also provide an opportunity to work on cutting edge technologies in firmware. The Advanced Virtualisation implementations on these Systems are the best in the market. The development of the Simulation models - simulating the complete behaviour of real hardware assists the development and testing teams working on the new generation chipsets well before the hardware is available in the market. As we are involved in all the stages of the software development lifecycle, working with us provides an opportunity for the engineer to be a part of the complete technical life-cycle of the products.

Skills important to the area:

Operating Systems: Aspirants need to have good understanding of operating system internals with special focus on device drivers, Linux(or any Unix clone) kernel and System programming.
Languages: Strong programming background in C and familiarity with assembly language is a necessary prerequisite.


Relevant vacancies:

S_D-0047622 Domain Consultant

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