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Information Management

IBM's Information Management offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio for helping companies integrate, manage and gain value from their business information. Our objective is to enable our customers with right solutions based on their business information, provide robust products in the information management space in order to achieve those solutions, and to grow skills and build capabilities in our people in order to meet these challenges.

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The Information Management Product Portfolio includes - Database Servers (US), Content management and discovery (US), Database tools (US), Data warehousing and analytics (US), Information integration (US), Master Data Management (US), Threat and Fraud Intelligence (US), and Express Middleware (US).

ISL is involved in the development, quality assurance and maintenance of DB2, Informix Dynamic Server and Red Brick Warehouse (Database Servers), DB2 Content Manager and DB2 Document Manager (Content management and discovery), WebSphere DataStage (Information integration) and WebSphere Product centre (Master Data Management)

Why would someone want to come and work in the area?

Solving real customer problems in key technology components of the Information Management space, providing a fast response to changing customer requirements in a dynamic environment makes working in the Information Management area particularly rewarding. Working with the best of IBM products in the Information Management domain such as DB2, Informix, WebSphere DataStage, Red Brick Warehouse, IBM Content Management, working with a good mix of technologies such as Java/J2EE, C++/C, DB2, WAS and getting involved in a wide range of IT topics, education and training will definitely help advance your technical career.

Skills important to the area:

We're looking for motivated problem solvers who have the drive and zest to resolve challenging technical situations.

DB2 Content Manager:

DB2 Document Manager:

Database Server: Red Brick Warehouse:

DB2 Common Application Development:

Relevant vacancies:









Java, C++.Net

Information Developer (IDWB, Epic) - ISL


VC++, MFC, DCOM Application Development - ECM - ISL

Filenet WebServices - ECM - SWG - ISL

WebServices QA Filenet (ECM) - SWG - ISL

WebServices QA (Filenet) Test Lead - SWG - ISL

Java, Struts, Eclipse

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