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What We Do

Java Technologies Team at ISL handles the complete technical life cycle of Java - Development, Support and Testing. IBM Java is an integral part of more than 350 software products. The team collaborates with the IBM Software product groups such as WebSphere, Tivoli , AIX, DB2 & Lotus to develops value-add features to IBM's JVM (Java Virtual Machine) based on their requirements.

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Why would someone want to come and work in the area?

JVM covers the breadth of cutting edge technology - from the run time interpretation of byte codes to System Programming using the low level OS functions and high level Class Libraries. It offers a complete learning curve, right from low level (Assembly) programming to high level application programming. It also provides an opportunity to be part of the complete technical life cycle - Development, Support and Testing.

Skills important to the area:

C/C++, Java and OS Internals. A good understanding of Web Services, security and performance would be an advantage.

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