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What We Do

The Linux Technology centre (LTC) serves as a centre for technical competency in Linux with a broad development mission to help make Linux better. LTC is an IBM team of open source software developers who work in cooperation with the Linux open source development community. For example, the developers at the LTC create and add their contributions to many Linux projects hosted on SourceForge, the largest download repository of open source code and applications.

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The LTC group at ISL, Bangalore is actively contributing to development in areas like Single-system kernel scalability, Real-time Linux, Kernel Resource Management, Filesystems (VFS, Ext3 scalability, Asynchronous I/O Support), RAS and Networking (RDMA). In addition to these development groups, LTC at Bangalore also consists of a Support and test team, which is responsible for testing Linux distributions on various IBM serves and for supporting internal IBM customers on Linux.

Why would someone want to come and work in the area?

Anyone interested in working with the kernel community to have much of this development work accepted in mainstream Linux kernel will want to work here. Members of our group also regularly publish papers on their work at various international conferences like OLS, Linux Kongress, USENIX etc

Skills Important to the area:

Aspirants will need have a strong understanding of Operating System areas like process management, signals, scheduling, synchronisation, interrupt handling, filesystems, device drivers and Linux (or any UNIX) kernel and system programming. Strong programming background in C and familiarity with assembly language is a necessary pre-requisite.

A good knowledge of any CPU architecture (x86, PowerPC etc) and SMP/NUMA architectures will be an added advantage. Aspirants will have to have the ability to work independently, with least guidance from seniors.

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