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Transaction Processing

What We Do

The main function of the Transaction Processing department at ISL is to own the TXSeries product and the test responsibility of the CICS TG (CICS Transaction Gateway) product. Both these products belong to the largely successful CICS (Customer Information Control System) portfolio of products.

TXSeries is an entry level non-J2EE transaction server, and a rapid deployment non-J2EE integration server in a distributed environment. It has been proven in enterprises for over a decade to deliver modern, reusable, business critical applications across a range of platforms, usually in support of larger mainframe and J2EE application deployments. The TXSeries is available to customers on four major platforms: AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows. The product is owned by ISL and the various activities like Development, Service (L3 Support), Test, Build and Release Management are wholly coordinated from Bangalore. This gives enormous scope for the individual to develop one's competencies in multiple areas. L3 Support is the highest level of technical product expertise in the IBM support organisation.

CICS Transaction Gateway delivers high-performing, security-rich and scalable J2EE standards-based access to CICS applications, enabling rapid deployment of existing CICS applications into a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It supports the standard J2EE Connector Architecture specification and provides supported connectivity from WebSphere Application Server to CICS Transaction Server and TXSeries for Multiplatforms.

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Why would someone want to come and work in the area?

Over its 35-year history, CICS has become recognised as a market leader, and we have many client organisations using it worldwide. TXSeries, the CICS for the distributed platforms, has begun to make a strong presence in the distributed world of transaction processing drawing an increasing customer base all over the world. TXSeries for Multiplatforms Version 6 is the next generation of distributed CICS providing a vastly simplified environment for customers enabling rapid deployment and integration. Continuing to meet, and indeed exceed, these expectations while introducing complex new function ensures that the product development and support is a challenging and exciting environment to work.

Skills important to the area:

C, Unix Internals (System V IPC, socket programming)
Debugging (Crash analysis, dbx, gdb, kdb tools usage)
Problem Determination & Analysis
Multi-Threading skills(with awareness of POSIX std)
Shell scripting
Using Configuration Management Tools
Software Development Lifecycle Process

Enthusiasm coupled with a desire, flexibility and ability to learn new things is essential since this being a middleware product supports several different programming languages, databases & networking protocols.

Applicants having the following skills will have an advantage:

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