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Virtualised Management

What We Do

The IBM Virtualisation Engine is a platform of integrated services and technologies that includes innovations in Resource Virtualisation (e.g., servers, networks, storage), as well as management and performance services and common interfaces for Visualising and Accessing System Resources. The Virtualisation Engine platform includes many components, organised as follows:

  • Virtualised Resources (servers and storage)
  • Virtualised Management (workload, resource, and performance management)
  • Virtual Access (views of the virtualised environment)

ISL VM Team's main focus area is Virtualised Management (VM) and the portfolio of offerings that we work on include - Enterprise Workload Manager (EWLM), an Automated Resource Management that helps optimise physical resources based on business policies to support application performance and optimise load balancing. We are also engaged in doing the Functional Verification Testing of the IBM Director on Linux on zSeries platform. We work on the development/enhancements, support (bug-fixing) and testing activities for the Open Pegasus product, which is an open-source implementation of the DMTF CIM and WBEM standards.The Open Pegasus Project is managed through a consortium of companies that constitute the OpenPegasus Steering Committee. We also work on Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM), a set of management and Internet standard technologies developed to unify the management of distributed computing environments. We are involved in the development of the Server side CIM (Common Information Model) - based applications. i.e., to develop the CMPI provider for the System tasks on Linux such as DNS Server, Samba Server, and CUPS & Apache. And, last, but not the least, we work on the Universal Systems Management Initiative (USMI), a systems management infrastructure for aggregating management function into a single point of control, using open standards like CIM/WSDM, etc.

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Why would someone want to come and work in VM?

Virtualisation is a hot topic and new frontier in technology. And, with all major technology companies and many smaller and start-up firms rushing to stake their claims, IBM is in the lead. A longtime champion of Virtualisation, IBM has been delivering industry-leading resource Virtualisation products for more than 30 years. The benefits are far-reaching, ranging from increased server utilisation and business flexibility, to lower total costs of computing and improved reliability. Depending on the starting point and the type and extent of the Virtualisation implemented, clients can achieve some or many of these benefits quickly. IBM offerings include, products that virtualise storage, server, and network resources and products to manage a Virtualised infrastructure. Virtualisation is continuing to evolve and IBM continues to produce new innovations. Working in such an environment is truly challenging and has tremendous focus on cutting-edge technology.

Skills important to the VM

Open Pegasus, WBEM-SMT:

C++,OOAD, Linux/Unix, OS internals(windows/linux/os2), XML, Debugger(GNU/GDB/MSDN), Debugging/Support, Memory Leak Tools(Valgrind/Purify), Analytical & Problem Solving

EWLM,IBM Director:


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