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Providing integrated solutions between the pump, store and the enterprise

Providing integrated solutions between the pump, store and the enterprise

Convenience and retail petroleum companies operate in one of the industry's toughest, most specialised niches:

Industry-wide consolidation continues to increase economic pressure.

To protect profits, many gas and convenience stores are doing more than selling fuel. But mastering traditional retail can be hard. Fortunately, IBM can help you meet these challenges head-on.

How IBM can help

IBM and IBM Business Partners dedicated to convenience and retail petroleum have nearly 30 years of hands-on experience - and we can put that knowledge to work for you today, whether you operate thousands of corporate stores or a string of independent locations.

Together, we deliver POS systems that handle pump, food service and other transactions. We deliver POS software designed for convenience and retail petroleum. Our full range of services includes store planning, equipment installation, ongoing maintenance and more. Plus, we are building alliances with some of your industry's most innovative technology providers.

Drive in-store traffic to help increase sales

To move customers from the pump to the store, you have to offer them time-saving services that deliver immediate value. IBM and IBM Business Partners in convenience and retail petroleum provide the hardware, software and services you need to help turn a store into a one-stop shop where customers fill their tanks, drop off dry cleaning, grab lunch, mail a package and buy tickets to the game. The IBM SurePOS™ 500 Series can support complex transactions from multiple in-store touchpoints, including QSRs, and these easy-to-use solutions feature touch-screen operation to help accelerate checkout and employee training. The compact IBM SurePOS 300 offers thick or thin configurations at a price that will appeal to cost-conscious retailers. We can also integrate your store with enterprise-wise loyalty programs.

Use the pump as a touchpoint

Customers who pay at the pump are a captive audience. With IBM, you can turn conventional fuel pumps into interactive touchpoints that deliver valuable information, capture customer data and build a foundation for customer loyalty and relationship management. Through software packages from IBM Business Partners and integration services from IBM, convenience and retail petroleum companies can profile pay-at-the-pump customers, initiate programs to reward loyal customers, and use the pump interface to deliver targeted promotions or test-market new in-store offerings.

Deploy integrated solutions for higher ROI

Through the IBM solutions portfolio, convenience and retail petroleum companies gain access to hardware, software, service, application architecture and integration strategy required to better realise the advantages of integrated multchannel retailing.

Maintain a consistent platform worldwide

IBM and IBM Business Partners provide the global stability you need to consolidate IT efforts and help maximise operating efficiency. Our software supports multiple languages and currencies, and our POS solutions can be customised for local needs. We also offer local support in most locations. When you team up with IBM, you can deploy a consistent store architecture across 20 locations - or a global enterprise.

Protect your long-term investment

With IBM, gas and convenience stores may be able to spend less now and save more over the long term. Our retail-hardened POS systems are tested to tolerate heat, dust, dirt, spills and exposure to grease and fuel, and they are designed to handle 24x7x365 operation. They are also designed to withstand tampering, scratching and rough handling. So you can expect outstanding uptime and lower support costs. Plus, these scalable systems let you upgrade functionality without always repurchasing hardware, and they use industry-standard platforms to run a wide range of software.

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Another reason to Buy IBM POS & SSO offerings.

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