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Public sector

IBM understands the needs and priorities of public sector entities

From government to education to healthcare, organisations operating in the public sector face some of the toughest challenges in any industry:

To thrive in these conditions, organisations must find cost-effective ways to connect with constituents and offer more services. Fortunately, IBM can help you meet these challenges head-on.

How IBM can help

IBM has nearly 75 years of hands-on experience in the public sector. We can put our knowledge together to work for you, whether you work for a local government, federal agency, private or public educational institution, healthcare facility or military installation.

IBM can help you diversify service offerings without adding staff. We provide technology that can improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. And we can be your single source of hardware, software, services, consulting, roll-out and maintenance.

Maximise productivity, efficiency and uptime

Every year, organisations must accomplish more work with fewer resources, so productivity and efficiency are critical. IBM can help deliver the technology you need to operate at peak productivity, deliver training quickly and efficiently, streamline employee management, and improve system uptime in point-of-sale (POS) or point-of-service applications. The IBM AnyPlace Kiosk allows customers to help themselves find information, make payments or submit forms around the clock, without waiting in line. For example, the IBM AnyPlace Kiosk can be configured to enable employees without convenient Internet access to enroll in benefits programs and access HR forms without visiting the HR office. Durable, reliable IBM POS systems help reduce downtime and productivity, and many models feature intuitive touch screen displays that decrease the time and expense of employee training.

Help more people access services quickly and easily

By partnering with IBM, organisations gain access to tools and technologies that make information and service delivery faster and more convenient. This helps you add new capabilities, serve constituents equally and effectively (even as populations grow and diversify) and build an advanced service infrastructure that attracts economic development. Powerful optional e-business solutions include a Web portal that gives users 24-hour access to information, program enrollment and assistance request forms; e-commerce capabilities that help end-users purchase licenses, pay fees or remit fines online; and IBM AnyPlace Kiosks placed in community centers, libraries and other public facilities to extend services to those who lack access to PCs or the Internet.

Seamlessly move between disparate and non-standard systems

When it comes to new technology, organisations need systems with flexibility and reliability to offset long buying cycles and the need to reduce operating costs. IBM can provide a complete portfolio of equipment and services. We provide reliable hardware and software solutions that can easily integrate with existing systems, as well as services that can help you improve enterprise-wide integration of information systems and databases. We can establish a centralised system for reporting, data capture and cash tracking from multiple POS locations, and we can help you eliminate duplicate databases and streamline information gathering.

Reduce total cost of ownership

IBM understands that organisations must reduce operating expenses at every opportunity. That's why we offer multiple ways to help minimise total cost of ownership (TCO), protect your technology investment and improve your long-term return on investment (ROI). We can help minimise service and maintenance costs with a centralised IT architecture. Or we can help cut year-over-year IT costs with rugged, reliable POS systems that can help deliver longer usable life than conventional PCs. Advanced systems management tools help reduce operating costs even more, while our open, scalable systems help add functionality over time without repurchasing equipment.

Safeguard employees, customers and information

Minimising risk is a top priority, and that doesn't change when you select POS technology. IBM specialises in solutions that help improve workplace safety, maintain data integrity and augment the physical security of your facility. Ergonomic hardware features correct angles for viewing and card-swiping and touch screen operation to reduce the risk of strain or injury. POS systems are rigorously tested to help provide maximum protection against power surges and electrical shock. We can help you ensure safe, secure sales transactions from the POS, a Web portal or a remote kiosk payment station. And the IBM AnyPlace Kiosk can be combined with badge-reading, smart card or biometrics technology to assist with employee identification at security checkpoints.

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Another reason to Buy IBM POS & SSO offerings.

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