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Meet Michael

He’s the CIO of
Lakewood Holdings.

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Like many CIOs,
work is always on his mind

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Some thoughts really
keep him up at night,

Like how to

Dig up new insights that will give his organization a competitive advantage

Act quickly on available insights to help his organization get a jump on the competition

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Last week a headline caught Michael’s attention.
His greatest concerns for his company was:

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How can I connect my existing applications and infuse the latest capabilities?

How can I build an environment of experimentation to foster innovation?

How can I deliver the necessary updates and new technologies fast enough to meet our business needs?

How can I find an easy way to access different types of data and integrate various technologies to deliver insight?

How can I provide easy access to data and analytics to empower people and processes with insights?

How can I architect an analytics infrastructure to bring speed and open innovation to every business decision?

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I know API management is a key driver of our digital transformation, and the agility we need to remain competitive, but with so many solution providers how do I choose the one that’s for my organization?

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Clearly digital transformation demands more agility than our current architecture can deliver. I need to make sure my teams have the necessary tools and are empowered to make informed decisions.

Take a guided tour of IBM Bluemix and learn more about how the Bluemix and the Bluemix Garage Method can provide the foundation for iterative innovation in todays multi-cloud environment.

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To stay competitive, I need to accelerate our application development and management processes while reducing our costs and associated risks.

With deeper application insights, Michael was able to increase his team's productivity and mitigate risk. Check out the total economic impact a company like Michael's saw from IBM's Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence.

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I need help to understand how to unify data, both proprietary and open, from traditional and new sources.

The data warehouse has evolved to help support the growth in data complexity and disparity. Read this Aberdeen Group report to learn how Michael could use his data warehouse to help maximize the value of his data.

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Michael's team was able to quickly derive insights from their data. Sign up for the Watson Analytics free trial and see the benefits it can bring to your organization.

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In order to acquire, analyze and act upon insights faster, we need to upgrade our infrastructure. I’m unsure where to begin.

Michael's team learned how to supercharge their data access speeds. Read this Frost & Sullivan paper to understand why you can't afford to overlook flash storage.

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Learn how Michael capitalized on big data, analytics and AI without server sprawl or exploding costs. Read the report from IDC.

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