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IBM India university relations

University Relations India. Powering Innovation. Curriculum. Technology. Projects. Research.

University Relations India. Powering Innovation. Curriculum. Technology. Projects. Research.

In the ever changing world of technology and innovation, it is imperative to share and collaborate across industries and academia, to envision and get ready for the future. IBM is dedicated to building strong relations with leading universities, government agencies and professional organizations, the world over. Our endeavor has been to create a collaborative ecosystem to nurture an open community of shared knowledge and skills.

Shared University Research Awards
Shared University Research (SUR) is a worldwide equipment award program for promoting research in areas of mutual value and interest to IBM and universities. The SUR Awards program strives to connect the research and researchers at universities with IBM, with intent to support and have an impact in an area of significant interest to the university and IBM. SUR Awards program is designed to promote collaborative research projects that bring value to IBM, the technology community and our world, increase access to and successful use of IBM technologies for research and in curriculum and provide opportunities within IBM for undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students.
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Faculty Awards
IBM University Awards support basic research, curriculum innovation, and educational assistance in focus technology areas, which are fundamental to innovation in the 21st Century and strategic to IBM’s core business. IBM Faculty Awards is a competitive worldwide program intended to foster collaboration between researchers at leading universities worldwide and IBM research, development and services organizations. It promotes courseware and curriculum innovation to stimulate growth in disciplines and geographies that are strategic to IBM. These awards, which are typically cash grants, are not contracts and no intellectual property rights are stipulated as part of a Faculty Award. IBM strongly encourages these innovations to be placed in the public domain.
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Center for Advanced Studies
IBM Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) is established with a mission aiming at Innovation through Collaboration. CAS establishes its strength in technological advancement by conducting integrated collaborative research that is of significance to academia as well as of strategic business value to IBM. CAS acts as a platform to build and foster long term relationships among researchers, IBM, and customers. It facilitates exchange of academic research knowledge and real world industry challenges towards building and enhancing industry specific solutions. It establishes IBM as the partner and employer of choice for top students as they learn and develop skills to create the technology of the future. Of the much academic collaboration we are currently working on Nanotechnology, Service Management, Multicore programming models, Software Architecture & SOA, Information Management and Data analysis, and Power Management.
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IBM and Academia Research Initiatives

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I-CARE 2013

I-CARE 2013 5th IBM Collabrative Academia Research Exchange

5th IBM Collaborative Academia Research Exchange, October 17 – 19, 2013, New Delhi

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