Welcome to the Cognitive Era

Watson, the world’s broadest platform of cognitive technologies, is revolutionizing the way decisions are made across industries by discovering and uncovering patterns in new, intelligent ways.

With 80% of the world’s data essentially invisible to computers, new technologies are needed to understand unstructured data in all its forms while also applying reasoning and continuous learning. From finding a cure for life threatening diseases to designing the perfect meal, cognitive technologies such as IBM Watson can help by going through vast amounts of data, gleaning meaningful insights to help solve the most complex problems.

IBM Watson is a technology unlike any other, because it is not programmed – it learns and interacts with individuals on human terms. Watson can think, read and understand natural language such as tweets, text, articles, studies and reports, and at the same time make contextual sense out of videos and images.

Join us to see how Watson is at work around the world and in India. You will hear from and interact with innovators using cognitive technologies to re imagine the way leaders make decisions and get a glimpse of what the future holds.

Hear from our Experts on:

Watson and the Cognitive Era

For the past several years, the converging forces of data, cloud, mobile and social technologies and the Internet of Things have disrupted industries and led to unprecedented transformation across every type of business. Many enterprises have made the shift to become 'digital.' However, we believe that digital is not the destination, but the foundation for a new era of business, which we call cognitive. When digital disruption meets digital intelligence, new possibilities are created by systems that understand, reason and learn. In our opening session, we will explore this new era of cognitive business and the role Watson is playing in making it a reality.

The Watson Innovation Ecosystem

The Watson Ecosystem is made up of thinkers, developers and innovators who are at the forefront of building and leveraging cognitive technologies that are extending human expertise. In this session, Watson partners will share applications and results of cognitive technologies and offer a preview of what’s to come.

Envisioning the Cognitive Future

A world awash in data and being rewritten in code calls for a new form of computing. In response, a new breed of systems is emerging that can understand unstructured data in all its forms through sensing and interaction. These cognitive systems are able to reason, generating hypotheses and recommendations. Importantly, they can learn from their own experiences and outcomes. This session will probe what happens when new cognitive capabilities converge with the ongoing digitization of products, services and companies.