We create a staggering amount of information every 90 seconds: poetry, equations, tweets, films, selfies. Even our discoveries, forecasts and diagnoses generate data. Yet most of this has been largely invisible to computers—until now.




Cognitive systems, like IBM Watson, are helping us process and understand the abundance of data. Diverse industries like healthcare, banking, retail and mining are joining the cognitive era. See how you can outthink the competition.



IBM at Australian Open 2016

The data and insights captured on court are available almost instantly around the globe – thanks to IBM's Cognitive, Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, Security and Systems solutions. We help make the tournament memorable for every player, coach, journalist and fan. IBM deliver for Tennis Australia, live on a global stage. Just imagine what we can do for you.


IBM SlamTracker™

Aces, winners, errors and other key stats are rendered in real time during games. But it’s not just today’s data that IBM SlamTracker™ delivers. More than 8 years of Grand Slam data is available – that’s over 41 million data points. Players can spot patterns. Fans can see strategies. All prior to the first serve of the first game.

Hybrid Cloud

The computing resources needed during the tournament vary second-by-second – depending on who’s on court, who’s winning and even the weather. IBM uses hybrid computing to predict and assign the right amount of firepower to keep every interaction seamless and minimise energy consumption and maximise financial efficiencies.

Tournament Notifications

For the first time ever, Australian Open staff will be notified of breaking news across all courts in real-time, alerting them to record stats and championship milestones. The editorial teams can then make proactive decisions about their digital, social and editorial content. Making them even more responsive.


Most tennis fans will never get to visit Rod Laver Arena. Instead, their tablet, smartphone or computer is their ticket to the action. Thanks to the mobile-friendly ausopen.com site, built by IBM, fans keep up-to- date on the on-court action with up-to- the-minute news, match data, player stats, video, radio, social content and more.

Mobile Apps

Tennis fans with an iPhone, iPad or Android devices can keep up-to- date thanks to the new and improved the Australian Open app by IBM.


With IBM CHUMP, each point, game and set is captured directly from the court with input from the Chair Umpire and the courtside statisticians.


AOVision allows the international media to view up to five live streams, player interviews and archived videos at the same time on the internal TV system.

Secure Infrastructure

The attention the event generates makes the IT a security target. IBM ensures the security of the infrastructure – avoiding slowdowns, breaches or outages.

Speed Serve

The iconic IBM serve speed displays were one of the first technologies introduced to the Australian Open – thanks to courtside radar.

Player Schedule

Which game, where and when? Scheduling has to factor in seeding, rain, sponsors, broadcasters and player welfare. IBM delivers the right answer.