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Relevant insights give a real-time edge

In every sport, the more you know, the more insight you have and the better your chance of enjoying success. Whether you’re a player, a fan, or even a broadcaster.

At the Australian Open, IBM provide predictive, real-time data analytics. Players can fine-tune their game based on data from their last match. Fans can see how their favourite player is progressing against key indicators. Everyone can see how public sentiment changes over time. All of which brings the Australian Open to life in the most engaging ways possible.

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Focusing on the most telling variables

IBM’s "Keys to the Match" customised data tool identifies the three crucial actions players can make on court that most affect their chances of winning. Collected over eight years of Grand Slam matches, these insights are based on over 41 million data points, including those matches currently in progress. The resulting data helps fans know what to watch for once the on-court action begins.

Ball and player movement

Redesigned in 2015, it now provides a more simple interface that delivers an immediate, insightful view of a match in progress, including analysis of ball and player movement during Australian Open matches. Analyzing where a ball lands, along with how far a player runs in a given match, offers a new dimension to match analysis, uncovering patterns and insights into player performance and dynamics that ultimately impact the outcome of a match.

Crowd-sourcing, crowd sentiment

SlamTracker also integrates social media sentiment - allowing fans and players to see whether social media users are saying positive or negative things about a player's performance. For Tennis Australia, this not only provides another opportunity to engage fans, but also helps guide their news stories and focus areas on the Australian Open website and social media platforms.

IBM Tennis Analytics

The opportunities for your business

The more advanced your organisation's data analytics, the more equipped you are to make smarter decisions faster - such as how to automate your more traditional, cost-intensive internal processes. Building an integrated platform of analytics products and services will allow you to strategically take advantage of both structured and unstructured data. And high-calibre support can help you manage your transformation, change the game, and maintain a winning advantage.

Find out how IBM analytics can change your game, on court or at your offices.

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