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Managing spikes in demand by putting tennis in the Cloud

For two weeks every summer, demand for information from Australian Open fans is at its highest. So much so that during the tournament, Tennis Australia’s IT infrastructure must expand drastically to meet audience demand and deliver a unique and satisfying experience. How does Tennis Australia scale its IT infrastructure to accommodate the flood of data demand that comes from millions of fans at once?

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Since 2008, page views to the private cloud have grown by 68%, while the cost of each page view has dropped by 43%.

Sharing a private cloud

Tennis Australia needed a highly scalable IT solution that would allow them to quickly and easily allocate a huge amount of additional resources. They needed a plan to cater for a short but extreme high-traffic period, in a time and cost-effective way.

The solution was for IBM to set up a private cloud that could be shared by other like-minded organisations with similar demand spikes at different times of the year. Those organisations include the US Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, the US Open golf tournament, the Masters, and the Tony Awards.

But such a solution doesn’t just apply to sport and entertainment. Any large companies considering sharing IT resources between internal divisions, departments or projects would benefit from such an arrangement.

Cloud managed by analytics

Analysing data to tailor business requirements

In the past, monitoring Tennis Australia’s server workloads, and the adjusting resources, has been a manual and reactive task. But once Tennis Australia started applying IBM analytics, they gained the ability to accurately predict, allocate, monitor and adjust capacity. It was done quickly, easily, and more cost effectively than ever.

IBM technology automatically assigns the computing power required by the Australian Open website based on real-time analytics of the tournament schedule, player popularity, historical data and social media conversations. IBM Watson Foundations (Big Data and analytics) technologies are used to forecast Internet traffic to the Australian Open digital platforms, with IBM Cloud Orchestrator software automatically increasing or decreasing capacity accordingly. The result is just the right amount of resources to deliver a great visitor experience, and minimal energy and money wastage.

Watson Cloud Dashboard

Key outcomes for Tennis Australia:

  • Can now easily adjust their IT resources according to fluctuations in web traffic and user demand.
  • Able to leverage virtualisation, energy efficiency, standardisation and automation.
  • Can rely on an improved disaster recovery solution that locates back-up systems in separate facilities.
  • Since 2008, page views to the private cloud have grown by 68%, while the cost of each page view has dropped by 43%.
  • Additional input, including unstructured data from Twitter commentary, has helped to increase the accuracy of demand predictions for the hosting infrastructure.

What this means for your business

You can achieve new levels of innovation and efficiency for your organisation by migrating to IBM Cloud - our family of enterprise-class cloud computing technologies and services. Our deep expertise, open standards and proven infrastructure will enable you to move your enterprise to the secure public, private or hybrid cloud that suits you best.

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