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Analysis from the courts to the social media arena

IBM’s analysis of the Australian Open goes beyond the stars battling it out on-court. It also incorporates what fans are saying online, as well as identifying which players are standing out as social media champions. That’s why IBM has built in Social Media Analytics technology into Tennis Australia’s Social Leaderboard on the Australian Open website. It tracks each player’s tournament journey, identifies the most popular players, and calculates the percentage of positive and negative social sentiment from fans.

Social Business from liking to leading

During Australian Open 2015, Rafael Nadal was the most talked about player with a total of 1,145,952 tweets with 75% positive sentiment. In addition to player related tweets, there were over 495,871 tweets using #ausopen during the 2-week period.

Australian Open social channels across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ grew by 290,859 fans, amassing a total 2,708,837. This marked a 10% growth, with the greatest percentage lift recorded on Instagram, increasing by 37%.

Advanced analytics and natural language processing of the social media data also provided a deeper understanding of public opinion about the players. Tennis Australia can use these insights in planning their own social media campaigns and shaping the real time conversation accordingly.

These capabilities are delivered on infrastructure that can access, store and analyse any data regardless of how fast it’s moving, what type it is or where it’s coming from.

Tennis Austraila's Social Leaderboard

A snapshot of the Australian Open Social Leaderboard

What this means for your business

By measuring unstructured information including positive, negative and neutral sentiments shared publically on Twitter, blogs, message boards and other social networks, IBM provides immediate insights into consumer conversations about issues, products and services. The advanced software even has the ability to distinguish between sarcasm and sincerity, by applying ‘machine learning’.

Think of IBM Social Media Analytics as a new and immediate form of market research. It can translate vast mountains of unstructured social commentary about your products, services, campaigns, employees and partners, to help guide your responses and make the most of any uncovered opportunities.

With public sentiment results displayed as configurable charts and detailed dashboards, IBM Social Media Analytics can help you:

  • Grow your business by understanding consumer sentiment and evaluating the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • Make fact-based decisions and strategies across a wide range of functional areas.
  • Improve the customer experience by responding quickly to issues and requests.

Find new insights, spot new trends and make smarter decisions with the help of IBM

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