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Everyone talks about innovation. But IBM has the experience to help companies like yours get it done. We are working with organisations all over the world to help them achieve breakthrough results - everything from bringing opera to the world, to fighting crime and stopping the spread of disease.

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Download a movie with a click of your fingers

Follow entrepreneur Chris Armstrong's progress in Ireland as he gets poised to revolutionise the movie rental industry. From one good idea to a brand new IBM® enabled technology, get a glimpse of the way you may very well get your movies in the near future.

Fighting crime with ones and zeros

In late 2005, a man walked into a midtown Manhattan pizzeria, pulled a gun on the owner, and robbed him. He had no identifying characteristics-except for a tattoo on his neck. The story of how the NYPD® captured him encompasses innovative policing, new IBM® technology, and New York's transformation from crime capital to one of the world's safest cities.


Deadly migration: Outsmarting the avian flu

Bird flu is constantly in the news as the next great public health threat. But what is it? And, more importantly, what's being done to stop it? Follow researchers from IBM®, Scripps Research Institute®, the World Health Organisation®, and others in an around-the-world race to track the virus and help search for a vaccine before it's too late.


The Genographic project: Our history within

Where did we come from? How did we get here? This film explores National Geographic's landmark genetic study, The Genographic Project®, and the role IBM® plays in analysing hundreds of thousands of DNA samples worldwide. By tracing the lineage of four strangers, we show just how connected we all are.

US Open, holding court in Queens

Once each year, tennis fans from all over the world turn their attention to a few square yards in Queens, New York-where the world's best players compete in the US Open. See how IBM is helping the U.S. Tennis Association bring new technology to a game steeped in tradition-building excitement and loyalty in a global audience.

Bharti Airtel: Creating an innovative model for IT Delivery

See how IBM helped Bharti Airtel, India's leading telecom, to create an innovative model for IT Delivery. For CIO Jain Menon, it means now he can focus more on launching and creating new revenue streams and less on IT delivery.

Mitsukoshi minimentary

See how IBM helped a department store giant become accessible to an aging generation through innovation and technology.

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