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It was named Motor Trend Car
of the Year. Collaboration
paved the way.

It was an achievement that went much further than batteries
and gasoline. This was the new benchmark for software and
mechanical engineering, a result of both mass production with
mass collaboration. The Chevy Volt wasn’t just about creating
a cleaner car— it was about building a smarter one too.

Learn how smarter software builds smarter cars.

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Chevy Volt

“The product development process
is just like a rocket program.”

— Eric Gassenfeit,
Global Director, Electrical,
Controls & Software Developent, GM

The Volt was no conventional venture. This was Detroit on a mission — to transform the internal combustion engine, the auto industry and the company to their core. The IBM Rational platform helped change the way GM developed and engineered its vehicles, launching a new era of fuel-efficient, software-intensive cars.

“We had to collaborate like we
haven’t done in decades.”

— Micky Bly,
Director of Hybrid Integration, GM

To get a vast array of electronic and mechanical systems working together flawlessly, their human systems first had to communicate with one another. IBM Rational helped GM orchestrate, in real time, a worldwide team of engineers and experts to drive forward each stage of the ambitious design and development process.

“We haven’t done a vehicle this
complex in the history of GM.”

— Micky Bly,
Director of Hybrid Integration, GM

When a powertrain design calls for over 100 electronic components, everything has to work together as one. IBM Rational was deployed to manage, track and design Volt’s high-level architecture as well as to control the innovative battery, electric drive and cabin systems.

“Having a good idea is half the problem.
Getting that good idea to market is the rest.”

— Len Wozniak,
Manager, Software Process
and Powertrain Controls, GM

To go from sketches to showrooms — that’s a long road for any car. Never mind that this was a first-ever, plug-in hybrid. The efficiencies gained by IBM Rational software helped GM cut years off production time. That improved time to market means automakers can respond quicker to competitive pressures and ever-changing consumer demands.


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    Running on 10 million lines of code that control over 100 computerized components, the Chevrolet Volt is the epitome of how cars are built on a smarter planet. And IBM Rational® platform is fueling the innovation that makes ground-breaking projects like a mass producing a plug-in hybrid electric car possible.

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