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A Smarter Planet

How much can you sell this yacht for?

Other companies seeing results with IBM

Make better decisions with business analytics

Make better decisions with business analytics

IBM Business Analytics Software takes the guesswork out of business decisions.
So not only can you determine the right price for a boat, you can decide how many
to buy, where to sell, and more. MarineMax®, the world's largest boat retailer, started
using IBM Cognos software to inform their inventory decisions. As a result, their
demand planning cycle dropped from 3 months to 3 weeks, leading to a 48% reduction
in costs. William H. McGill, Jr., the chairman of MarineMax, said, "We could not run
our business without Cognos." With IBM Business Analytics, you can make better
decisions for your business too.

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Understanding your AQ (Analytics Quotient) (PDF, 563KB)

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