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Putting Watson to work

While Watson's victory on Jeopardy! was a stunning feat, it was just the beginning of a new way of thinking about ways that technology can help us live and work better.

Watson represents a first step into cognitive systems, a new era of computing. Watson builds on the current era of programmatic computing but also differs in significant ways. The combination of three capabilities make Watson unique:

While none of these capabilities is unique to Watson by itself, the combination delivers the power to move beyond the constraints of programmatic computing. The power to move from reliance on structured, local data to unlock the world of global, unstructured data. To move from decision tree-driven, deterministic applications to probabilistic systems that co-evolve with their users. From keyword-based search that provides a list of locations where an answer might (or might not) be located, to an intuitive, conversational means of discovering a set of confidence-ranked responses.

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