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Innovation Index
of New Zealand / 2013

2013 Innovation Index of New Zealand

Innovation Index of New Zealand /2013The Innovation Index is a comprehensive, multi-indicator benchmarking study showing the shape and rate of innovation across 18 industries between 2007 and 2011. The overall Index is a weighted composite of three broad official measures of innovation; R&D, Intellectual Property and Business Innovation (improvements in goods and services, business operations and marketing).  

The overall Innovation Index increased 3% in the four years to 2011. The main contributor was R&D; the proportion of staff and expenditure dedicated to R&D across the economy actually increased during the global financial crisis and subsequent recession. In contrast, the Business Innovation and Intellectual Property components of the Index remained static and fell, respectively.

R&D expenditure grew strongly - at an average rate of 7.6% p.a.- between 2007 and 2011, and the equivalent of 4600 full-time R&D jobs were created during this period.  Applied R&D spending grew much faster than other types of R&D, which suggests a greater focus on commercialisation by researchers.

The Index makes it possible to go beyond these top line numbers and understand the relative importance of different kinds of innovation for various industries, so organisations can gauge the strength of their own innovation performance against peers.

The Index is a vital resource for anyone interested in understanding the true shape of innovation in New Zealand. The following pages contain ideas and insights from people we respect about increasing innovation for New Zealand, a summary of key findings and links to detailed results. View the data visualisation tool to drill down to examine the drivers of change by industry.


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