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Innovation Index
of New Zealand / 2013

The Shape of Innovation by Industry

The 2013 Innovation Index illustrates the relative importance of 12 kinds of innovation across 18 different industries, including public and private sectors.

For a complete view of the Index, use the data visualisation tool to drill down into the different research components for each industry sector.

  • Includes medical facilities, residential care and social assistance services (e.g. Childcare).

  • Includes banks, building societies and credit unions, finance companies and investment companies, insurance companies and auxiliary services.

  • Includes electricity generation, transmission and retail, sewerage and drainage services.

  • Includes scientific, architectural, engineering, technical, legal, accounting, advertising, market research, statistical, management, veterinary and other consulting services. Also includes computer systems design and related services.

  • Includes aquaculture, hunting, and related support services (e.g. Shearing).

  • Includes central and local government, justice, government representation (e.g. embassy/consular services), defence, public order, safety and regulatory services.

  • Includes quarrying, oil and gas extraction, exploration and related support services.

  • Includes all building and civil engineering construction, and related support services (e.g. Plumbing, electrical, bricklaying, etc.).

  • Includes publishing (online and offline), film and music production and publishing/distribution, broadcasting, ISPs, web hosting, data storage, search portals, libraries and other information services.

  • Includes building cleaning, pest control and other support services.

  • Includes museums, zoos, parks, creative and performing arts operations, sport and recreation facilities and gambling operations.

  • Includes preschool and school, tertiary, adult, community, other like art, sports and physical recreation instruction and education support services.

  • Includes all types of manufacturing from food and beverage, textile, clothing and footwear, furniture, wood products, pulp and paper, petroleum and coal products, all chemical products, rubber products, metal and non metallic mineral products, to all machinery and equipment.

  • Includes rental and hiring services for motor vehicles, transport equipment, leasing of electronic media and non-financial intangible assets; and property operators and real estate services.

  • Includes basic materials such as timber, petroleum, all household goods, food and beverage, motor vehicles and commission based wholesaling.

  • Includes all types of retail store-based trade like motor vehicles and parts, fuel, food and household goods, recreational sports and non store retailing and retail commission based buying and/or selling.

  • Includes accommodation and food and beverage services.

  • Includes all forms of transportation, postal and courier pick-up and delivery services, transport support services and warehousing and storage services.


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