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Innovation Index
of New Zealand / 2013

Understanding the Innovation Index

The Innovation Index draws its data from three broad official measures of innovation collected by Statistics NZ and the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand:

Read the key findings, or to really understand the drivers of innovation by industry, use the data visualisation tool.

To learn more about the full definitions, see the research methodology

The data visualisation tool allows you to explore the full dataset for each of the 18 industries. It shows – literally – the shape of innovation, industry by industry, over time.

The image below shows part of the first view you see when you open the tool (or open an individual industry view within the tool). It illustrates how the three core innovation categories contribute to the overall score for an industry. Not all types of innovation are of equal importance. In this example, for Health Care and Social Assistance, Business Innovation (green) is more important to overall innovation than R&D and Intellectual Property combined, so the slice for Business Innovation is the widest. However, the IP (blue) and R&D (salmon)slices are extended further, meaning that they’ve grown faster. In this case, the strength of growth in IP and R&D outweighs the importance of Business Innovation - and so the overall score increases as a result.

The image below illustrates what happens when you click on any core innovation category. This makes the visualisation zoom in and show the subcategories driving the core category. In this example, you can see that for Health Care and Social Assistance, every type of R&D measure is increasing, except for the Applied R&D score (teal), which has declined.


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Keith Ng
Innovation Index Principal Researcher
How does the Index track innovation?