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Welcome to IBM's Connected Conversations - Rama Nathan

Conversations for a Smarter Planet

Here on IBM's Connected Conversation series, you can find some of the smartest minds in Malaysia – sharing their ideas on how to make the world work better.

At IBM, we believe this planet can be a better place for everyone. Improvements in technology have narrowed distances, automated processes and turned simple appliances into smart tools. As we continue to enjoy the benefits of an instrumented, intelligent and interconnected world, Connected Conversations provide an avenue to exchange ideas that could truly transform the way we work. Every month, we'll put someone in the Chair – and they will show you how to make the world work better.

"Welcome to IBM's Connected Conversations. Today's technology gives us the power to make the world work better – but it is the ideas behind that technology, and the people behind those ideas, that make us truly smart. I am very proud to present Connected Conversations - a space to share those ideas and innovations that make this world a better place. Welcome to IBM's Connected Conversations, welcome a Smarter Planet." – Rama Nathan, Managing Director of IBM Malaysia.

Let's make Malaysia a better place – welcome to IBM's Connected Conversations.

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