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2017 – 2018 Timeline

Milestone Date
Official 2017 survey period 1 September 2016 – 31 October 2017
Survey closes for BWPS 31 October 2017
Best Workplaces Finalists notified 1 December 2017
Best Workplaces Category & League Award winners announced 31 January 2018
IBM Best Workplaces Awards & Winners Celebration Event. 28 February 2018

First things first

First and foremost, the aim of the IBM Best Workplaces Survey is to give leaders the information they need to make positive changes. Different organisations have different requirements from a survey:

  • Would you like to add your own customised questions (e.g. Health & Safety, or your Organisational Values)?
  • Would you like to view your results by demographics (e.g. by departments/teams, positions or roles)?
  • Do you want to be able to benchmark your performance against a current and substantial database of New Zealand organisations (e.g. other organisations of similar sizes, or in the same industry)?

The IBM Best Workplaces Survey comes with a range of reporting options that can enhance your ability to analyse your data and make informed decisions.


Once you've decided what reporting options are suitable for your organisation, you need to register.

Administration: How to undertake the survey

Once your survey has been set up, we will send you a web link to distribute to your employees so they can access the survey. We also offer alternative survey completion methods (such as paper copy) if any of your employees do not have the option to access the survey online.

We recommend organisations send a preliminary email to employees a week before the survey goes live. This email should introduce the survey, describe why it is being conducted and what you intend to do with the results.

The second email sent to employees should include the link to the survey with some encouraging words about participation. Make sure your survey has a close date (normally two weeks after the open date), and let us know so we can keep an eye on your response rate.

A few days before the survey closes, send a reminder out to all employees to encourage as many people as possible to participate.

Viewing your survey results

The IBM Best Workplaces Survey allows you to view your results in our real-time reporting tool. Online viewing rights will be established for your nominated contact person as soon as your survey gets underway, so response rates can be tracked to encourage maximum completion.

Finalist selection, competition rankings and awards evening

Organisations that meet the eligibility requirements are separated into size categories and then ranked.

Once we have received your registration, we will be in touch to proceed with setting up you Best Workplaces Survey. After first hearing from you, we will call to introduce ourselves and confirm any details as necessary.

The organisations with the highest rankings with be considered finalists. Finalists will be announced December 1.

Winners and the ‘most improved’ organisations in each category will also be announced on 31 January 2017. Special recognition is also given to those who have been finalists consistently over a five, ten and fifteen-year period in the league awards and these will be announced at the same time.

All winners and league award finalists will be invited to celebrate their success at the IBM Best Workplaces Awards & Winners Event on 28 February, where the Overall Winner will be revealed.

Publication of results

The results of the IBM Best Workplaces Awards are published in mainstream and industry media (depending on approval). Rankings and results for non-finalist organisations are not publically disclosed.

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