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Different cloud environments
for different workloads

IBM infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)
IBM offers a range of enterprise-class infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings, based on open standards and with a global reach. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is self-service, public cloud IaaS that is particularly well suited for new born-on-the-cloud workloads and agile development. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ is our fully managed, isolated IaaS, optimised for the demanding requirements of born-on-the-enterprise system-of-record workloads like SAP.

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Data centre creating a cloud of virtual machines

IBM SmartCloud Virtual Server Services

Designed with Kiwi businesses in mind IBM SmartCloud Virtual Server Services (VSS) offers New Zealand based Cloud Computing services. This enterprise-class cloud services delivers a secure and scalable-hosted IT infrastructure with on-demand access to virtual server and storage resources enabling you to create your own virtual data centre. IBM SmartCloud Virtual Server Services offers a flexible scalable service with IBM’s proven best-in-class security. IBM SmartCloud Virtual Server Services is powered by in New Zealand by their state-of-the-art green IBM Smarter Data Centre

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IBM NZ Government IaaS

IBM Government Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides government agencies with an opportunity to reduce costs and increase flexibility by aligning IT resources with the evolving demands of their organisation. IBM NZ Government IaaS is an agile cloud infrastructure providing users with quick access to a security-rich, enterprise-class virtual server environment

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IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+

A fully managed IaaS optimised for born-on-the-enterprise production workloads (like SAP) that have been “cloud enabled” to run on the cloud. Offers many advantages of a private cloud—such as choice of dedicated servers and storage—while providing the flexible scaling and cost benefits of public cloud services.

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SmartCloud Enterprise+ is secured with multiple levels of isolation, fully managed 24/7 by IBM experts, and has been optimised for running business-critical production workloads in the cloud. Enterprise IT teams use it to manage and optimise virtualised environments and to extend their IT infrastructures to reach new opportunities in mobile, big data and analytics.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

An enterprise-class self-service public cloud IaaS with low costs and no licensing fees— particularly suited to economically scale enterprise IT infrastructure and to accelerate the development of new born-on-the-cloud (cloud-centric) applications.

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With built-in services for agile development of new applications in a collaborative cloud-based environment, SmartCloud Enterprise scales economically and meets the demands for agile infrastructure and processes. Suited for professional cloud developers and enterprise IT teams, this public cloud IaaS enables you to take advantage of IBM’s large ecosystem of cloud partners for extended functionality and the latest innovations.

Additional IaaS Offerings

Virtual desktop

Control costs and enable security-rich access to corporate applications and data with a virtual cloud-based desktop environment.

Backup and recovery

Index, search, retrieve and store data while getting scalable protection with simplified restore capabilities.

Managed cloud security

Secure your information assets from Internet attacks with web-based managed security services.