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Social Business Xchange

Social Business Xchange The IBM online information series on the topic of social business RegisterSocial Business Xchange The IBM online information series on the topic of social business Register


Welcome to the Social Business Xchange where you can register to receive all the latest case studies, analyst recommendations, thought leadership from IBM, webcasts, event invitations, self assessments and hands-on demos around IBM Social Business (including Smarter Workforce) solutions.

IBM defines Social Business as a business that embraces networks of people to create business value. Social businesses embrace technology to enhance relationships between employees, customers, and partners. The Social Business Xchange offers you three streams to choose from:

Register for the Social Business Xchange now, selecting a stream that suits you, regardless of the stage you're at, and every 3-4 weeks you’ll receive an email from IBM with a link to a new resource that will extend your knowledge on this topic. If you´re not sure which stream to choose, please review the stream descriptions provided below.

Create a Smarter Workforce

For HR professionals and others responsible for enhancing cross-organisation workforce optimisation.

Learn how, by becoming a ‘smarter workforce’ you can attract and leverage the best people, capitalise on collective intelligence and inspire your workforce to maximise business outcomes.

Today, business leaders need solutions that help them mobilise their teams for speed and flexibility, rapidly develop and deploy the right skills for the right opportunities, enable collaboration and innovation, and improve the development of the next generation of leaders. With a unique combination of behavioural science, data, social technologies and precision, IBM helps organisations do just that.

Register for this stream to learn how building a smarter workforce can help you to attract the best talent, leverage your best performers by understanding what motivates them, empower your workforce to enable organisational agility, and then use those insights to reduce turnover, increase engagement and improve productivity.

Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

For Marketing, Sales and Customer Services professionals.

Learn how, by becoming a ‘social business’, you can increase your organisation’s ability to create, deliver and optimise engaging online experiences to cut costs, streamline processes, drive top-line growth and enable truly differentiated, and personal online experiences for your customers or citizens.

The web has become the primary venue to provide meaningful interactions and experiences for your customers who shape your brand. Organisations can maximise value by delivering an exceptional web experience.

The now web-savvy public expects on-demand, self-service access to relevant information when and where they want it. Web self-service solutions can cut costs, streamline processes, drive top-line growth and is at the heart of truly differentiated, exceptional customer experiences. The ability to create, deliver, and optimise engaging online experiences is the key differentiator for companies whose customers are its best advocates.

Register for this stream to receive information on next generation, differentiated customer experiences that attracts, engages and retains the best customers, improves brand loyalty, and lowers operational costs.

Deliver Solutions with Confidence and Flexibility

For ICT professionals.

Learn how you can optimise the value and agility of the social business technology solutions that fit your organisation's needs.

Four powerful forces are converging. Social – unlocking new engines of innovation, your people. Mobile – knowing what value to put in people’s hands. Cloud – the new way to drive growth and with less investment. And Big Data and Analytics – the new way to turn all the forces at work into competitive advantage. By 2020, because of the pervasive adoption of social technologies, new systems of people-centric engagement will be mainstream; successful enterprises are now able to tap into shared insight, collective knowledge and expertise at the individual level to empower more meaningful engagement with both employees and customers.

Register for this stream to realise your organisation’s vision to become a ‘social business’ by creating and delivering flexible new solutions leveraging collaboration, mobility, social, cloud and data technologies.

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