Create Disruption. See the Unseen.

Organisations can already see the opportunity digital disruption presents - transforming how people and businesses interact and how companies engage with customers.

At Watson Summit New Zealand 2017, we witnessed how business leaders and IT professionals can create disruption and harness transformation by leveraging the value of IBM cognitive technologies.

Start your transformation with IBM:

  • Accelerate innovation and design new operating models to improve client experience.
  • Take advantage of new and emerging technologies such as cognitive, AI, IoT and blockchain.
  • Pursue breakthrough ideas with your data to answer the toughest business questions.

Take a closer look at what you will see.

Learn about cognitive

See the things cognitive can do
Watson Everywhere
Join the new cognitive era
See the things cognitive can do
Watson Everywhere
Join the new cognitive era

Try it yourself

Tone analyzer

Experience how Watson helps discover, understand, and revise the impact of tone in content.

Personality insights

Gain insights into how and why people think, act and feel the way they do. Enter some text and let Watson identify your personality.

News explorer

Discover a new way of understanding the news.

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IT professionals will learn what it takes to reimagine business, technology, and data by leveraging new and emerging technologies including cognitive, AI, blockchain, IoT, and quantum computing.

Contact IBM to discover how you can move quickly to implement critical new applications, services, or technologies to architect the disruption for your role, department, business and industry.

If you are a CIO, Chief Data Officer, Data Scientist, Enterprise Architect, or any other data driven professional, you likely find yourself facing new and unwelcome challenges and more demands from within your organisation - namely, compliance and higher revenue targets from your business leaders. The answer lies within your data - up to 90 percent of an organisation’s most valuable data lives behind the firewall and the trick to unlocking its value is figuring out how to see the unseen.

Contact IBM and find out how to put your data to work, securely, so that your organisation can maximise its value.