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Explore the Interactive Finance Transformation Playbook

Carl Nordman |   | Tags:  cfo_study carl_nordman finance_transformation
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 The IBM 2010 CFO Study identified a group of outperforming Finance organizations, which we call Value Integrators. Value Integrators excel at two capabilities: 1) Finance efficiency brought about by process and data consistency, which helps unlock the power of analytics and 2) business insight to drive enterprise performance.But how does ... Read more
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Clearing the clouds: Shining a light on successful Enterprise Risk Management

Carl Nordman |   | Tags:  risk cfo enterprise_risk_managemen... robert_torok erm carl_nordman apqc
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Risk is inherent within every business ecosystem, adding to a multitude of existing challenges of operating in today’s global business climate. The threat of catastrophic loss – from terrorism, natural disasters, financial mismanagement, IT security breaches, supply chain disruptions and more – demands preparedness to assure financial and business continuity. ... Read more
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The M&A Risk Game

Jill Tutino |   | Tags:  services m&a advice jill_tutino merger accelerator mergers
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The risk management process in M&A happens through a set of synchronous activities.   Diligence is happening at the same time the contract terms are being negotiated.  Integration planning happens whilst both sides resolve pre-close covenants and approvals.  The buyer makes sure that even if something is missed in diligence that ... Read more
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Value Integrators continue to outperform through 2010 - all measures, all time periods.

Carl Nordman |   | Tags:  ibv carl_nordman 2010_cfo_study value_integrator cfo
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The IBM 2010 Global CFO Study and companion paper “Journey to a Value Integrator” have been receiving a great deal of exposure and positive press over the past 18 months. As we continue to mine and analyze the extensive data collected from the IBM 2010 Global CFO Study, we also periodically ... Read more
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Insights from our 2011 IBM Global CIO Study

Matt Porta |   | Tags:  matt_porta cio 2011_cio_study
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It is a very exciting time in Business & Technology innovation.  Globalization, cloud computing, ubiquitous high speed access and new business models are all dramatically increasing the complexity of business and are also creating significant new opportunities.    How are technology leaders helping their organizations adapt to the accelerating change and ... Read more
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Cultivating Creative Leadership in an Age of Complexity

Barbara Lombardo |   | Tags:  creativity leadership 2010_ceo barbara_lombardo study
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When a majority of the 1,500 CEOs who participated in our 2010 Global CEO Study identified ‘creativity’ is the most important leadership quality for leaders over the next five years, it certainly got our attention.  Intrigued, we began to explore how organizational creativity could be understood as an important precondition ... Read more
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Social business are we asking the right questions?

Matt English |   | Tags:  matt_english social_business
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Social business is driving many changes in behaviour both within the organization and in the market place generally, but the really big shift is the area of consumer to consumer interaction. Consumers talking to each other, via social media, represent an accelerating wave of change, and will require a major ... Read more
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Explosive Growth for Privately Owned Enterprises in China

Steven Davidson |   | Tags:  china growth innovation steven_davidson business_model
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One of the most exciting things about consulting in China is working with the many Privately Owned Enterprises (POEs) who are achieving explosive growth in their businesses. Our teams feel they are helping to build China’s future success. Many of the leaders of these POEs bring deep market and industry ... Read more
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Embedding innovation to drive growth

ANTHONY J. LIPP |   | Tags:  strategy growth innovation
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How does an organization out perform its competitors? Successful organizations grow faster than their competitors and convert their growth into greater shareholder value. Organic growth methods provide necessary but incremental growth. Gains through traditional organic actions are often hard-won and therefore not always profitable. In addition these types of successes are ... Read more
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Driving the social business agenda - New conversations and new capabilities

Matt English |   | Tags:  matt_english social_media social_business
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A few short years ago, the developing social networking space was regarded as somewhat of a curiosity. Many organizations looked on with some indifference as social networking sites such as Facebook started to emerge. But all that has changed dramatically in a very short period of time. New conversations are ... Read more
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A value chain management vision

Dave Lubowe |   | Tags:  smarter_commerce analytics supply_chain dave_lubowe
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Volatile global market conditions, customer demand variability, and increasing customer expectations all require optimal value chain configurations. A predictive, demand-driven value chain model makes it possible to smooth volatility through an optimal product/service positioning. In our recent IBM Institute for Business Value study, “New Rules for a New Decade,” we ... Read more
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Customer Analytics Pave the New Path to Value

Rebecca Shockley |   | Tags:  smarter_commerce customer_analytics marketing cmo
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A strong focus on customer-related analytics is one of the key attributes that distinguishes the most analytically sophisticated organizations identified in our recent research, Analytics: The new path to value. It is also a focus of the new IBM initiative, Smarter Commerce, which puts analytics at the center of innovative ... Read more
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More power to the consumer - the changing face of social business

Matt English |   | Tags:  social_business matt_english customer_intimacy smarter_commerce cmo
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A revolution is happening out there with consumers, and is accelerating in scale and pace. Many years ago, business was very transactional with relatively limited real connection between the consumer and seller. Remember the model T Ford? Any color is available provided it is black. Over time however, the customer ... Read more
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From Social Media to Social CRM – What Customers Want

Raj Mirchandani |   | Tags:  raj_mirchandani social_media customer_analytics cmo social_business customer_centricity smarter_commerce crm
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Social media holds enormous potential for companies to get closer to customers and, by doing so, facilitate increased revenue, cost reduction and efficiencies. But first, companies need to understand what customers value most, especially when they are in the unique environment of a social platform. For those companies still struggling ... Read more
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New business models for the digital revolution

Saul Berman |   | Tags:  business_model digital supply_chain smarter_commerce customer analytics 2010_ceo_study saul_berman collaboration
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The business world has already gone through information revolutions based on digital technology and the Internet. But today’s transformation has raised the ante. People everywhere are using mobile devices to bring digital capabilities to nearly everything they do. Digital technology is not just for business; it’s also for shopping, entertainment ... Read more
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