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IBM Technology Conference & Expo 2012

  • In 2011, a new era of IT was introduced with Smarter Computing to over 4,200 attendees in Asean. The potential for integration, automation and transformation was effectively demonstrated through IBM Watson, a computing system so effective at handling specific workloads that it could beat participants in Jeopardy!, America’s leading quiz show.

    Excerpts and press coverage for IBM Watson and POWER7 capabilities

  • "IBM Power7 is able to improved price performance, improved energy efficiency and reduced footprint size in the data center of PT Trias Sentosa." - Warta Ekonomi (Indonesia)

    “The company has been able to improve its performance by 70% and the respond time to process transactions has also increased by 70%.” - Head of IT Dept, TCE 2011 press conference (Indonesia)

  • “In the Philippines, IBM was number one in UNIX, growing revenue by 12 percent resulting in IBM holding 53.9 percent market share according to IDC.” - Pinoy Tech Blog (Philippines)

    "Our goal is not to produce computer games, but [to] apply this ground-breaking computer science to business and enterprise-level issues." – IBM Fellow, Networks Asia (Singapore)

    “IBM’s answer to intelligent computing” (link resides outside of, ZDNet Asia (Singapore)

    “…technology integrated in Watson has been available in the market, showing that we can incorporate it into the existing solutions to meet demands in Vietnam” – IBM Vietnam, Dantri (Vietnam)

IBM Technology Conference & Expo 2010

  • The 2010 event saw a marked increase in attendance from previous years, in 7 different locations in 6 countries. A total of 4,100 attendees heard from experts on topics such as cloud, service management, business resiliency and more.

  • Overwhelmingly positive response

    Over 82% of Malaysian, Philippines and Indonesian respondents said that they would participate in similar events again.

    75% of Thai attendees had their expectations met or exceeded.

    76% of Indonesian attendees responded positively to the event's relevance.

Past Event Videos

Other Tech Expo dates in Asean:

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IBM PureSystems combine advanced IBM hardware and software with patterns of expertise.