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Virtualization & Optimization

Reduce complexity with virtualization solutions for your midsize business

Midsize companies are increasingly being tasked to do more with less. Faced with lower operating and IT budgets, IT decision makers need to respond quickly to changing customer and market demands in order to stay ahead of the competition. On top of that, they are expected to continue innovating and improve performance while maintaining a focus on efficiency and cost control.

Managing and optimizing combinations of workloads is similar for all companies, such as billing data and database queries – the difference is where your midsize business fits in the progression path. Workloads like these are becoming increasingly complex and, in many cases, demand real-time capabilities. Different types of workloads have unique characteristics and run more purposefully when matched with the right computing.

IBM and its business partners can help your midsize business get started on the virtualization journey now from any point in the progression path, whether you’re currently employing no virtualization, through basic adoption, and finally resulting in a well managed virtual infrastructure. Consolidating resources, managing the workloads, and automating the process will lead to an IT infrastructure with optimized delivery. Your IT department will then be able to focus on innovations that will help the business move to greater profits and spend less time on basic problem resolution.

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