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ImperaTives 2012, Where Technology creates Business Value, Shiv Vilas Jaipur 22th-24th November

Imperatives 2012

Technology plays a pivotal role in generating business value. As your business globalizes and scales, it is imperative to make sure that It is empowering your business. It is essential to expand your business with newer innovations and vital to use the right insights to form greater customer value.

In ImperaTives 2012, we are bringing together over 75 business and IT leaders from across the country to explore these imperatives and to reflect on how technology can unleash your organization's potential.

Join us, as analysts, guest speakers and IBM executive share information, insights and road map on these imperatives in a timeless setting, with topics that are the talk of the industry and have been carefully chosen to be meaningful to you.

Here's how to use real-time analytics to improve patient outcomes.

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With the advent of new technologies, learn how to identify new opportunities.

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Good campaigns are essential for success. Learn more on how to identify successful offers and get better ROI.

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Do you deal with a lot of data? Learn how to streamline financial data and manage it better.

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Your reputation is everything. Learn how to monitor and improve it online.

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