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EMV migration compliance for banking from IBM

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The goal
Embrace the new credit and debit card landscape
With mandatory Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) standards looming and the need to meet various national timetables on the horizon, banks and retailers are turning to IBM for a complete migration compliance solution. Our experienced professionals can assess, plan and deploy the entire required smart chip card technology infrastructure.

The advantage
Experience that is cardinal to your success
Our EMV migration compliance solution draws on IBM’s experience in installing retail point-of-sale systems, bank teller systems and office workstations.
  • IBM produced smart card technology for three of the leading multifunction smart cards deployed in the world.
  • We are currently managing a multi-year EMV-compliant chip card program for the UK banking and retail industries to reduce fraud.
  • IBM has many years of experience in developing business models for financial services companies worldwide.
  • For over 40 years, global retailers of various sizes and segments have turned to IBM solutions to help make their business run smoothly.

The benefits
Migration is inevitable—let us help you start now
A comprehensive EMV migration strategy can result in compelling benefits to consumers and merchants alike.
  • Eliminate signatures to improve transaction processing times and reduce paperwork for signature-capture and receipt storage.
  • Enhance system security to reduce charge-back processing volume and an associated reduction in the transaction charges.
  • Establish a smart chip-based infrastructure for a greater functional utility, including:
    • Real-time card data updates at the point-of-sale or ATM.
    • The option of one card for multi-application solutions, such as personalized loyalty programs based on purchasing behaviour.
  • Cultivate better customer relationships through the implementation of strategies that can streamline checkouts and support enhanced customer privacy.

The approach
Everyone is a winner with the EMV card solution
One of the UK’s leading grocery retailers, Safeway nets annual sales of around 9 billion euros, employs over 90,000 and has close to 500 stores that attract eight million shoppers a week.

Safeway and its technology partner IBM were involved in the first ‘Chip and Pin’ trials held in the UK in 1997. Recently, Safeway engaged IBM again to provide the Electronic Payment System (EPS) infrastructure in support of the company’s push forward with the introduction of ‘Chip and Pin.’

The ‘Chip’ element of the IBM solution is now live at every one of Safeway’s 9,000 registers, and currently handles 50% of all credit card transactions. Cost savings are expected to multiply long term—Safeway forecasts it will save 13,000 miles of register roll, and an annual overhead of £500,000, by removing the need for customer-signed copies of receipts. In addition, when the second tier of solution is in place, fraudulent transactions are expected to plummet by 75%.

The financial advantage
High impact ROI
With strategy, consulting, data management and transaction support, the EMV migration compliance solution from IBM combines all the keys to help you:
  • Reduce fraud and chargeback costs through smart chip cards with enhanced security.
  • Eliminate signatures to overhead costs driven by the paper retrieval and storage.
  • Increase sales with services designed to streamline transaction times, and increase service options.

Next steps
Differentiate your business
Questions about this solution? Contact an IBM Financial Services specialist.

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