Cross Generation Diversity

Cross Generational Diversity is about looking at the lifecycle of our people and their needs at the different phases of their career, from recruitment through to retirement. It means valuing the talents and abilities of all generations, from the experience of mature-age workers to the fresh perspectives of the next generation entering the workforce.

Mature-age workers

We believe employees approaching retirement should be supported, if they so chose, in scaling back their hours, shifting to project-based work or taking up mentoring roles. In this way we are able to keep their expertise in our business while enabling them to continue doing challenging, interesting work.

The next generation

IBM supports young employees and help them honour their dreams and ambitions. That means finding them challenging work in global teams and giving them extraordinary opportunities to prove themselves. We provide flexible work arrangements that fit the shape of their lives and flexible leave so they can follow their dreams, as well as volunteering opportunities through our Corporate Service Corps.