People with disability

IBM is committed to ensuring an accessible and inclusive workplace for people with disability. With four million Australians identifying as having a disability, IBM recognises that this is a large talent pool from which to attract and recruit a diverse range of skills and experience. We also recognise that most people acquire their disability as they age and as such with an aging population it is even more critical that we have the right support available to retain our skilled and experienced employees with disability. IBM has a centralised reasonable accommodations budget and encourages all potential and existing employees to seek reasonable accommodations, if required, to enable them to compete equitably during the recruitment and selection process and to ensure they can maximise their career potential. We are committed to ensuring that all barriers are addressed, whether they be physical, systemic or behaviourial particularly around stereotypes and myths and misconceptions.

A/NZ Diversability is a IBM Business Resource Group of volunteer IBMers focused on promoting and improving diversity of IBM with the integration of employees with disabilities in their workplace. Their mission is achieved through increasing awareness and ensuring equal opportunity and access exists within IBM for employees with disabilities.

Australian Network on Disability (AND) IBM is a proud founding member of AND, a not-for-profit organisation resourced by its members to advance the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business. IBM has also been sponsors of AND's PACE mentoring program for many years (a mentoring program for undergraduates with disability) and more recently sponsored AND's Access and Inclusion Index ie a suite of tools for Australian organisations to use to understand, assess, benchmark and improve their disability confidence to meet the needs of their customers and employees with disability across their business.

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