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Working on our team

Be part of something special we're not like other consulting firms. we're ibm global business services.

When you join Global Business Services, you become part of something special-an ever-evolving, 100-year IBM legacy of excellence that continues to be recognized throughout the world. You will work as a Global Business Services consultant, but you will be an IBMer. That kind of brand equity makes a statement and opens doors-giving you a platform to truly make an impact. It also defines us, in keeping with our values:

Our people

In IBM, we are more than 380,000 professionals-experts in business, technology, research, hardware and software. From Nobel Prize-winning scientists to designers, from strategists to engineers. What brings us together? All of us are passionately committed to delivering value for our clients.

The strength of Global Business Services is embodied in our people-more than 95,000 of the best in the business-professionals who enjoy work and life. You will learn from and collaborate with industry experts, thought leaders, sales gurus and client management stars.

Our culture

Consulting is a collaborative endeavor-most often you will serve clients as part of a project team. Early on in your career, you will learn from senior members of your practice, working side by side with other business and technology professionals from around the world and taking on increased responsibilities as quickly as you are able. It is a fast-paced, stimulating environment-one that never lacks for challenge. You will always be learning and developing the skills you need to succeed.

Work/life balance

You want to work hard-and have a life. Our consultants balance client commitments, travel, education, family and outside interests. With the help of technology and our ongoing commitment to workforce flexibility, we support flexible arrangements based on business needs.

In 2005 Consulting Magazine named IBM Global Business Services one of the "ten best" companies for work/life programs.

While work/life balance is achieved differently by each employee, IBM offers a wide range of programs that address concerns like dependent child care, educational scholarships, elder-care programs and more. In addition, IBM has available a range of Workforce Flexibility Options such as flexible work-week schedules, part-time employment, leave-of-absence programs and selected opportunities to work from home or remote locations.

Pay and benefits

At IBM, your pay will be strongly influenced by the results you deliver and by our overall business performance. Cash compensation opportunities include base pay, sales incentives, awards and other forms of earnings. When our business objectives exceed plan and you perform at the highest level, you'll have an earnings opportunity that places you among the best-paid employees in the marketplace.

But to thrive and grow, you need an employer that values the less tangible-but no less critical-benefits that make work a pleasure and a fulfillment. Benefits such as flexibility to help you manage family life, greater freedom in charting your career development and more say in shaping the company's products and culture. When it comes to having competitive compensation and benefits, tangible and intangible, IBM has long been a leader and remains so today.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion

At IBM, diversity and inclusion means understanding, respecting and valuing human and cultural differences that create a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in creating business success. This is a belief and a practice that expands beyond nationality and gender.

IBM and Global Business Services are committed to building a workforce as broad and diversified as the client base we serve. Not only is diversity the right thing to do, it makes good business sense because diverse ideas and approaches give our clients the best solutions.




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Corporate citizenship

Corporate citizenship and environmentalism is embedded in our DNA. Since 1971 we have had a formal policy on environmental affairs, and we depend on our employees to define our global conscience and objectives. In 2003, we took the unprecedented step of having our employees define our corporate values by bringing together the global IBM population in an open “values jam” – an online, collaborative discussion that produced a seminal focus on innovation for ourselves and the world - a key value which continues to guide IBM. IBM’s also a global leader in strategic philanthropy – leveraging our own technologies to develop unique solutions to address critical humanitarian challenges in communities around the world. One example, the World Community Grid, enables anyone to donate idle processing power on their computers to create a “virtual supercomputer” which, through public and NGO partnerships, IBM utilizes to focus solely on humanitarian research. In addition, we have created a truly unmatched set of corporate citizenship tools for our employees.

OnDemand Community – our web-based volunteer community with more than 100,000 IBM participants, provides more than 140 technology tools, resources and tutorials to help IBM employees become better volunteers and better serve their communities. We also provide unique opportunities for IBMers to plan their careers, building skills in the community as well as on the job, with corporate financial matching of individual external learning expenses and our Corporate Service Corps – a leadership development / community service opportunity which places IBMers into small teams in emerging markets to address 21st century challenges. Our efforts also extend to our clients, as we help them solve some of the world’s most pressing issues, whether it’s managing carbon emissions, strategizing microfinance infrastructure opportunities, or developing systems that manage labor standards worldwide.

Message from our Managing Partner

Andrew Stevens

"Being a consultant in GBS gives you the opportunity to work on interesting projects, with highly skilled people across many different industries. Our objective is to develop the skills and capabilities of our people so our team is equipped and capable of solving complex problems for our clients."
- Andrew Stevens, Managing Partner, IBM Global Business Services