by IBM

Mumbai | 3 May, 2018

Thank you for making ‘Security Summit 2018 by IBM’ a success!



Security Summit 2018 by IBM, was designed for security leaders and practitioners, to engage and interact with the experts, policy makers and industry leaders on emerging security trends in India, impacting both Govt and private sector. Security leaders and practitioners experienced a range of demos on security themes starting from end point management to intelligence & operations and Resiliency. Participants also attended technology deep dive sessions featuring IBM Security solutions and services which were held in the earlier part of the day.

The evening saw a gathering of the CXO audience who were treated to an engaging session by Bruce Schneier on Security in a HyperConnected World, Dr. Gulshan Rai's views on how the public and private entities need to collaborate and share information to create a safer cyber environment in the country and interactions with a host of other security exponents like the CEO of RBI Information Technology Pvt. Ltd - Mr. Nandkumar Sarawade, CISOs of Genpact, NSDL, Reliance Jio, GSTN - Ramchandra Hegde, Milind Mungale, Brijesh Datta, Pankaj Dikshit - IGP of CyberCrime Cell of Maharashtra - Brijesh Singh, Adv. Prashant Mali - Cyber Law Expert and Gautam Kapoor, Partner Deloitte India.


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