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Corporate Responsibility

To achieve long-term success,
you have to manage for the long term…

IBM is not defined by what we make, but by the difference we make in the world. Our innovation isn't only technical - IBM was one of the first companies in the world to have Environmental Policies, Diversity Policies & Recycling Policies. We understand that responsible and ethical conduct is the best way to grow as an organisation, as a community, and as Australians.

Kerry Purcell, Managing Director IBM Australia and New Zealand

IBM has been a leader in corporate responsibility for over 100 years. We have embedded corporate responsibility in our business strategy, values and management systems. Our contributions target critical societal issues and leverage our employees' talent and expertise, as well as our technologies.

IBM’s strategic business priorities are tightly aligned with our social responsibility efforts. Both are focused on making the systems that facilitate life — such as water, energy, food, and transportation — more efficient, accessible and sustainable. Because we have so methodically aligned our service efforts to our areas of business expertise, we are able to engage longer and more meaningfully — including efforts to improve education, healthcare, disaster response, water and food, jobs and economic growth, and urbanisation.

Why we do it

Corporate Responsibility enables IBM to provide greater value to all our stakeholders worldwide while delivering shareholder value. It helps attract and retain the best and brightest employees who seek careers in a company distinguished by outstanding Corporate Responsibility practices. Our strong record also provides a competitive edge with clients, and helps us gain admission to new markets.

How we do it

Our operations are based on strong ethics and values that define all our decisions and actions worldwide:

Corporate Service Corps

A Triple Benefit

Smarter Cities Challenge

Smarter Cities Challenge

The Smarter Cities Challenge is a competitive grant program awarding $50 million worth of services and expertise over the next three years to help 100 cities around the globe address a wide range of challenges.

Townsville (QLD) was one of our global recipients in 2011 and Geraldon (WA) was our 2012 recipient.

2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

Learn more about IBM Corporate Responsibility in our most recent annual report.