Embed your solutions with
IBM technology.

The market is changing and demands are more sophisticated than ever. Getting ahead of the competition requires businesses to create disruptive solutions and provide a delightful customer experience.

An Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) allows you to leverage IBM’s cutting-edge technology with open standards and combine it with your Intellectual Property (your value add) — so you can deliver a total solution to your customers under your brand, your terms and your conditions. ESA is ideal for Technology Partners looking to sell their own solutions built with IBM technology because it provides reduced development costs and increased profits with flexible pricing.

Get started with
Embedded Solution Agreement

An Embedded Solution Agreement helps you offer customers what they really want.

It gives you:

  • One solution at One IBM price
  • Option of 100% OPEX cost model
  • Complete licensing flexibility
  • Multi-year agreements to support long-term contracts

Increases Revenue

Enhance your products to grow your revenue, reach new markets and sell faster.

Lower Costs

Leverage on a flexible pricing model to lower costs and get to market faster with support from IBM.

Access Market-Leading Expertise

No matter what discipline, tap into reliable solutions to scale and automate for increased productivity.

Enhances User Experience

Empower your customers with an integrated solution that delivers faster and better.

Watson Assistant

Deliver personalized customer experiences

The digital savvy customers of today expect a personalized experience in their own language. Watson backed AI assistant can help create an application that understands natural-language and responds to customers in human-like conversation –in multiple languages.

This AI assistant consistently anticipate user needs and deliver personalized outcomes across a variety of channels, including mobile devices, messaging platforms and even robots.

Watson Assistant for
Cognitive Customer Care

Learn how to build a digital, automated, scalable 24x7 support that delivers higher customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

Conversational AI for the Enterprise

Learn how to design chatbots that harness the power of human conversation to exponentially enhance the expertise, agency and impact of your organization.

Watson Assistant for Autodesk

Learn how Autodesk Inc. speed up its customer response time by 99% with IBM Watson Assistant service.

Watson Discovery

Unlock insights from unstructured and
structured data

Data has become the fuel for business innovation. Organizations that are able to collect and curate the structured and unstructured data and then act upon this knowledge are best prepared to overtake their competition.

IBM Watson helps you uncover hidden value in your data faster to find answers, monitor trends and surface patterns with the world’s most advanced cloud-native insight engine.

IBM Watson Discovery Service

Extract value from structured and unstructured data with cognitive applications that can be easily integrated into existing solutions.

Watson Discovery for Prudential

See how Prudential, an insurance company scaled expertise across more than 4,600 financial consultants with IBM Watson Discovery Service.

Watson Discovery Demo

Unlock hidden value in data to find answers, monitor trends and surface patterns, with the world’s most advanced cloud-native insight engine.

IBM Blockchain

Increase trust and transparency across
your business networks

The blockchain is doing for transactions what the Internet did for information. For almost any supply chain – be it food, medical records, precious gems and minerals, real estate or credit default swaps, to name a few – success depends on the promise of transparency and auditability for all participants. IBM Blockchain brings that trust to transactions.

You are welcome to experience transformation by leveraging IBM Blockchain that brings together the world’s most advanced expertise, technology and ecosystem.

IBM Blockchain for supply chain management

Learn how blockchain can transform your business supply chain with more trust and transparency.

IBM Blockchain for banking

Learn how blockchain solutions are enhancing banking experiences for customers while increasing operational efficiency.

IBM Blockchain for Mizuho Bank

Learn how Mizuho Bank uses IBM Blockchain to promote the reliability and transparency of global trade transactions.

Bridging the divide with Blockchain

Unlock key insights from a successful, ongoing blockchain initiative between CLS and IBM.

Watson Build 2018

Fast track your build with IBM Watson and Cloud

Excited about embedding IBM technologies into your solutions, why not explore Watson Build 2018? Combine your IP with IBM technology and transform your your business by going to market faster while giving customers more choices, better information and greater control.

Key highlights of Watson Build 2018

Join Watson Build and fast track your way to AI with the help of IBM experts and rich learning resources.

Use technology credits at no charge

$7,000 Watson and Cloud services credits to apply to your build

Work with IBM experts

Technical consultations, learning resources, and subject matter experts to support your success

Showcase your solutions

Apply to showcase your solution in front of industry thought leaders at PartnerWorld 2019