IBM Unveils World’s First Multicloud Management Technology

Leverage this open approach for managing applications across different cloud environments.

What is multicloud management?

Multicloud management is the ability to effectively manage multiple data centers or cloud environments (public or private), as if they were a single environment.

The average enterprise uses six or more clouds and hundreds of clusters, which can lead to a complex environment and present imminent or future problems. Scattered workloads, security gaps and limited visibility on development teams’ output are several operational issues that have been difficult to manage collectively, until now.

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Solve tomorrow’s challenges today

IBM Multicloud Manager is a game changer. This cloud-agnostic solution leverages open-source technology and your existing tools to provide an integrated dashboard. Manage your Kubernetes environment and your containers where they need to reside — public, private, dedicated or in between.

Key capabilities

Visibility across multicloud infrastructures

Register and deploy Kubernetes clusters wherever they’re running. Switch easily between cloud providers and connect public and private clouds.

Built-in support for your compliance management

Help your multicloud and multi-cluster environments achieve compliance with your enterprise policies. Gain support for consistent, enterprise-wide governance and security.

Consistent application management

Simplify your IT and application operations management, while increasing flexibility and cost savings. Orchestrate and manage your Kubernetes environment with the click of a button.


How clients can use multicloud

Deliver Kubernetes clusters as a service

Gain self-service access to Kubernetes clusters and services — governed by your enterprise IT policy — so your teams can focus on development and innovation.

Self-service access to Kubernetes clusters and services

Highly available application deployment

Maintain high availability and compliance when deploying applications across multiple clusters.

High availability and compliance across multiple clusters

Multi-cluster policy enforcement

Enforce configuration policy across multiple clouds.

Configuration policy enforcement across multiple clouds

Start your multicloud management journey now

Meet with an IBM expert for up to four hours at no charge and receive guidance that will help you digitally transform using IBM Multicloud Manager, the enterprise-grade multicloud management solution for Kubernetes.