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IBM India university relations

University Relations India. Powering Innovation. Curriculum. Technology. Projects. Research.

University Relations India. Powering Innovation. Curriculum. Technology. Projects. Research.

In the past decade a lot has changed in the world. For New Global Economy IBM has a blue print for building Smarter Planet in an increasingly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world. IBM believes that it is imperative to share and collaborate across industries and academia to build knowledge, solution and talent for this challenge.

IBM has a strong tradition of research collaboration with our colleagues in academia. The goal of IBM's Collaborative Research Initiatives is to expedite these collaborations by diminishing barriers and reducing complexities caused by the implications of intellectual property ownership.

IBM University Relations programs are designed to help develop such a globally competitive knowledge backed by unmatched technology offerings that will help create talent pool of adaptive innovators, those with deep education in their home disciplines and ability to think and act across multiple disciplines to meet the challenges of New Economy.

IBM uses various engagements to develop relationship with institutes starting with knowledge awareness programs, student projects, curriculum enablement development tuned to current industry needs and collaborative research. This is supported by vibrant and sustained interaction with students and academia using IBM academia collaboration platform where academia, students and IBMers come together to discuss , share, build knowledge and future directions leading to innovation – a true environment for Social Computing.

Mezjan Dallas, Country Manager
IBM India University Relations

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I-CARE 2013 5th IBM Collabrative Academia Research Exchange

5th IBM Collaborative Academia Research Exchange, October 17 – 19, 2013, New Delhi

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